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As the plant-based protein pioneer, we believe in making food that shines. Better-tasting, easy-to-prep, plant-based proteins that give you positive energy you can feel good about. And the best part is: the journey to a better you starts with just one bite. The Lightlife Burger was created with culinary expertise, familiar ingredients, and balanced nutrition. Packed with 20g of pea protein per serving, 0g of cholesterol, and 73% less saturated fat than a traditional burger, it's hard to believe this plant-based burger can taste as incredible as it does. Surprise yourself with Lightlife today.

  • Everything you crave from a traditional beef burger, but it's made from plants.
  • Serve as you would a traditional burger. Cooks from frozen or refrigerated and can be flame broiled on the grill, be cooked on the flat top, prepared in a saute pan or skillet, or even deep fried.
  • Soy free, no GMO's, no artificial flavors, Kosher
  • Ships frozen in cases of 40, 113g per unit.
  • 73% less saturated fat than traditional burger patties.